Becoming a Prada Girl: Why Is It Worth the Investment?

The Devil Wears Prada… what does it really mean?

If you are going to see it, it’s actually saying the devil’s Prada is most likely for the rich ones, the ones who can afford for it. It is an extremely luxurious bag, the bill you pay for your apartment is 10x times expensive to afford a Prada handbag.

However, that shouldn’t bother you. We all know that every girl’s dream is to have her dream bag— Prada, Channel, Hermes, Birkins, name it. These are all gems in a girl’s eyes so you basically can’t blame one girl who just spree on her credit card on a Prada store or at buying Prada handbags online Singapore. 

But the question is, is it really a good investment? Let’s take a look at these few reasons why you should consider a Prada handbag now.

prada handbags online singaporeIs Prada Worth the Investment?

There’s definitely no denying that we’re seeing a blast from the past in the fashion industry, and people, fashion enthusiasts, are embracing it to the fullest.

Thus, the next label is the Italian fashion house, Prada, that well love. It was founded in the year 1913 by Mario Prada and now fronted by his daughter Miuccia Prada and their such unique label has grown into becoming one of the most notable luxury brands in the industry. I mean who does not Prada? It has been worn by a lot of celebrities in Hollywood, and even elite person in the world owns one.

So it really worth the investment? To finally say “the devil wears Prada?”. Here is the reason why you should own take the splurge on prada handbags online singapore:

  1. Prada bags are close to perfection. Definitely perfect! This is because all of their handbags are produced, designed by Prada are hand-made. When a bag is made by hands, and not machine, there can always be a possibility that it is without flaws, no factory defect at all. You are also sure that they have quality standards in the company and that you are paying for something that would last you for a lifetime.
  2. It is the exact look of expensive. If you are wearing a Prada in the streets of New York City or Singapore perhaps, or wherever you are, people will immediately think “wow her bag is Prada”. They no longer have to ask you what bag is that, what design is that, how much is that— people already know. This is the challenge for most designer bags out there, they need to come up with an idea and a design that would make their expensive bag look expensive. Well, Prada got us!
  3. The value never fluctates. If you want a handbag that would last for a lifetime, given that it was actually taken care of with the right room humidity, then Prada are going to save you.

Becoming a Prada Girl 

It might be a huge investment but it is sure is worth it. For once in your life, you can be boastful that you actually own a Prada and that you have worked for it so much to be able to afford it.

If you are ready to make your first purchase on a Prada handbag today, do check out Prada handbags online Singapore.