Samsung galaxy s9 – Now in white

Not long ago, mobile phones were just intended to take calls. But now, it can do more than that. A cell phone is currently a camera, a computer in your pocket, and at times, even a wallet. When it comes to the modern definition of the mobile phone, there is no better way to go than to however the new Samsung galaxy s9, now available in white. For months now, people have been praising the Samsung galaxy s9 in black, a revolutionary smart phone made by Samsung. It is packed with a great deal of attributes, all in the weight of just 115 grams. It is a powerhouse packed with the features of a mobile phone, a camera, a game console, and even a computer.

Now, the manufacturers of this galaxy s9 have created the identical galaxy phone that you adore available in a new shade. The new Galaxy S9 is pretty much the exact same Samsung smart phone which you adored, packed with features that you could really be delighted about. The galaxy s9 in white now runs with the android applications, perhaps the most advanced type of technology which you may ever have in an intelligent phone nowadays. The android software makes your galaxy phone experience a lot more exciting and interesting. With the android software from the galaxy s9 in white, you may really have plenty of fun downloading software or apps which you can use to your every need. There are programs that are supposed to satisfy your precise requirements, be it an easy program to add camera effects, or even an app to watch you calories as you eat. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these programs. On top of that, all the apps from android are free something that other smart phones cannot bear to do for you.

Conventional phones of today have screens that are led-based, and it may strain the eyes, making the entire mobile phone experience not rewarding. With the Samsung galaxy s9 in white, you can enjoy the experience of watching sharp and clear images through the 4.3 inch amole display, among the first of its type being present into the intelligent phones of today. Now you can enjoy navigating through the menu, with your programs, browsing the World Wide Web, and looking into the videos and pictures on your smart phone. Another thing that you can really see through this display is the texts which you could read completely without blinking. You can send text messages and emails without difficulty and revel in the galaxy s9 in white encounter for yourself.